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Great night at the Finca

On March 17th, our St. Patrick event was held that left everyone feeling inspired and uplifted. The event was organized to raise funds for ALMA Hondon, and it turned out to be a big success.

The night was filled with fun and laughter as everyone enjoyed themselves while contributing to a great cause. There were games and music, and the atmosphere was electric. It was amazing to see how people came together for a common goal and had a great time while doing so.

By the end of the night, a substantial amount of money had been collected

. The funds collected would go towards supporting animals in need, providing them with shelter, food, and medical care. We will use the money to rescue animals from difficult situations, giving them a second chance at a happy life.

In conclusion, the charity event held on March 17th was a massive success. The raffle, donations, and entertainment provided a fun night for everyone involved, and most importantly, it raised money for a great cause. All attendees deserve a big round of applause for their contributions, and we hope that more events like this will be organized in the future to support the causes we care about.


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